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In , Gaby gave up her lavish life in NYC to move to the suburbs of Fairview and adjust to a quieter, more settled lifestyle with Carlos. During the first three years of marriage, Carlos was always away on business trips, leaving Gaby to become bored, lonely and unhappy, resulting in her having an affair with her teenage gardener, and high-school student, John Rowland. Eventually the sense of friendship and family overwhelmed her, and Gabrielle found her happiness on Wisteria Lane , raising a family with the love of her life. She grew up in a very poor home with her beloved father, mother and siblings. They all lived under a small shack and struggled to make ends meet. Gaby never liked to think about this and it developed her into a self-hating Mexican.

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Gabrielle Solis

Grew up… in Texas. She became the victim of molestation at the hands of her new stepfather, which ruined her relationship with her mother and gave her an understandably jaded view of men. She packed her bags and left Texas for New York City, where she began a successful career as a model. Living… the quiet life — maybe too quiet. Retired from modeling, Gabrielle has settled down with her wealthy husband Carlos on Wisteria Lane, a picturesque American street.

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I added a bit at the beginning explaining she was a fictional character as well as links to the ABC entry and Eva Longoria's. I'm not very good with layouts and templates though, so if anyone else wants to try to fix this mess of an article up in that regard, go for it. Gabrielle hasn't changed her last name - she's still refered to as "Gabrielle Solis" by narrator Mary Alice, as well as other characters. She only used her maiden name once after her divorce - when trying to go back to modelling.
Zach: referring to Luke That was really weird. I don't even know the guy and he works for me. Gabrielle: Works for me too!

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