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Assuming there is no physical or medical condition that would prevent sexual activity, a lack of sex in marriage should come by mutual consent for spiritual pursuits for short periods of time 1 Corinthians A sexless marriage is a cause for concern. Again ruling out physical difficulties, the root is most likely a spiritual one. The first order of business is to pray for wisdom, mercy, and grace to help in the time of need James ; Hebrews

The Joy of Christian Sex Toys

Facts of life: The case for sexuality education

Two years ago I sat in a parent-packed auditorium waiting to find out what our fifth graders would be learning in their first round of sex education. The night was tame enough, at least from the instructor. Well, it was tame until she opened the floor for questions. Then, plenty of panicked, parental hands shot up to ask just which words would be used, which details shared. At least until seventh grade, she said. According to recent stories in The Atlantic and The New York Times , globalization and the increasingly varied views among neighbors on how and by whom sex ed should be taught has made sex education in our schools trickier than ever. And even harder - and scarier - to have them hearing about it from others, even wise and trusted educators.

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Twenty years later, that ritual strikes me as almost innocuous — how much power do we give to the scribbled signature of a teenager who had only the faintest idea what sex was? Yet it also carried a psychological burden that many of my peers and I are still unloading. It held out the promise that if I remained pure, then God would reward good behavior with a husband — surely before I turned 30 so that we could have lots of children.
This is also the teaching of the Bible and, therefore, of the Church. The Churches were the first providers of universal education and continue to be major players in this area. The state is a relative, but welcome, newcomer to this task. Its role, however, is strictly ancillary to that of the parents and, especially, in the areas of personal and social development of children, it should not arrogate to itself the fundamental responsibility of the parents and the family generally.

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